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A Muscle Is Like A Car. If You Want It To Run Well Early In The Morning, You Have To Warm It Up.

Both heat and cold can help you warm-up faster and reduce pain permitting faster recovery. However, it can be confusing to decide what time is more appropriate at any given ice vs heating and vice versa.

Perfection Is Not Attainable, But If We Chase Perfection We Can Catch Excellence.

It all started with a simple thought when founder and CEO, Angelo Hornsby, was driving home from the gym after his typical workout with achy and sore muscles. He thought “What if I had enough ice packs to put in my workout clothes and ice all at once…”

Are you ready to be amazed?


We have spent a lot of time to study and gather information and we have finally come up with a
solution to adequately deal with the problem of soreness and pain after a long day at the gym.
We have produced the worlds 1st performance apparel that allows the user to train and achieve
a faster warm up and recovery all in one
and on the go.

Heat Therapy

Heat stimulates the sensory receptors in the skin, which means that applying heat to the a certain part of the body will decrease transmissions of pain signals to the brain and will relieve the discomfort.


Take control of your life by properly taking care of your body on the go

Ice Therapy

When applied correctly, can be of enormous benefit to reduce pain, inflammation, and swelling. Most physicians agree that for an acute injury, ice is the cornerstone of treatment, as well as compression, and rest of the affected body part.
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Save Time!

Body Barrier technology is an On The Go system! Unlike traditional methods that force you to be stationary in a tube or chamber and/or utilize messing creams; with Body Barrier you can warm up and recover while you continue normal life routines! Sore No More without missing a beat!


The technology behind Body Barrier is engineered with non-toxic, safe plastics and designed for reusability. This makes Body Barrier an eco-friendly product. Traditional methods like ice baths or plastic ice wrapping, highly used by college and professional athletes; waste water, permit 1000 of tons of plastics to be dispose incorrectly into the environment or forces consumers to subject their body to near hyperthermic measures that damages tissue before recovery!

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Super Powers!

You become SUPER with Body Barrier! Did you know when you properly warm the body before any physical activity even; walking the dog, house chores, competing in the 2020 Olympics ; you give you body more capacity to absorb more oxygen! Absorbing more oxygen means that your body is working easier to perform task, making fatigue or soreness a thing of the past!

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At Body Barrier We Provide you with the Best Performance Apparel

Faster warm up and Recovery on the go!

At Body Barrier we provide the Best Performance and Recovery Activewear! But, what makes the Body Barrier technology so special and beneficial to the consumer? Our Body Barrier technology is rooted in enabling our consumers the ability to

warm up and recover On The Go!

Our technology is centralized around our Body Barrier Recovery Packs that have the capacity to be both: heated and/or frozen. This enables the consumer to place the packs into their respective pockets; (See Body Barrier Recovery Pants/ or related products) and warm up before and recover immediately after any physical activity. But, why is warming up and icing important across all walks of life? Whether you’re a hair dresser that stands all day or professional athletes you body endures pain and soreness;

What if we didn’t have to?

Properly warming your body whether it’s just to do normal house routines or competing in the Olympics, gives your body a higher intensity capacity to absorb oxygen. So yes when you properly warm your body you now are able to absorb more oxygen! More oxygen means your body is working easier and will take longer to tire, elongating the time without pain and soreness! As pain and soreness can still be expected to some degree you now have the answer with the ability to also recover through icing while on the go.

Why ice?

Icing immediately after any physical exertion flushes lactic acid(the fluid that in muscles that causes “pain or soreness”) out, allowing for the muscles to immediately start repairing itself. So if one warms-up and properly ices with our Body Barrier system, where does pain and soreness have a chance to exist?

Sore No More!
Changing The Game!

Meet the Creators

“If you’re changing the world, you’re working on important things. You’re excited to get up in the morning. – Larry Page, CEO of Google”


  • I recommend Body Barrier Active Recovery cryotherapy compression for all athletes to enhance recovery times from performing in games and in and out of practice.

    Harry Nhan
    NLF, MLB, NBA sports massage therapist
  • Body Barrier has definitely helped relax my muscles after a hard leg workout. I DEFINITLY recommend this to any athlete or anyone hitting the gym on regular basis

    Rashad Wright
    American basketball player
  • Body Barrier is probably one of the best products I used. The compression pants are very comfortable, durable and great for mobility! The straps are a hassle but for the most it is an excellent product I recommend this to anybody who is looking for workout gear!

    Matthew Jaliba
  • Body Barrier is one product I would highly recommend to any athletes, bodybuilders or just anyone that’s doing a simple workout. The body barrier apparel have nice fitting tops and sports bras, as well as stretchy bottoms that comes with pockets to hold in body barrier heating and cooling pads. The materials of these products are very comfortable on the skin and not so much of a heavy/thick material, which is what I personally like the most. As a consumer I believe everyone needs to be comfortable and satisfied in the products they are buying and from wearing it multiple time I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m
    obsessed with the Body Barrier products. I even started wearing the tops when I’m out of workout mood cause I feel like the designs on it is something I could rock fashion wise.

    Kourtesy James